The calm before the Storm!

  We headed out , knowing that rain was in our forecast. Being the avid anglers we are ,we decided to go anyways! It was very choppy and the water was extremely dirty where we launched. Heading against the wind north, so we could ride the wind back during the magic hour was the plan. It took us a good half an hour to find clean water. But, when we did there were birds diving on bait everywhere. Also lots of mullet moving down the shore line. That seemed to be the perfect recipe for the fish. I picked up a nice 26'' snook Immediately on a soft plastic by Exzude. Soon after Jimmy picked up another nice snook which we got some great Go Pro footage of. Nearly 5 min. later Jimbo had another solid snook that literally jumped into his kayak. lol!  Both fish he caught were on Exude soft plastics rigged weedless because of all the floating grass. I kept getting huge clumps of floating grass so I switched to weedless also. I slammed into a nice trout immediately. The Thunder storms were rolling in so we decided to head back to where the Snook were feeding. It was crazy because the uglier the sky got, the more the wind laid down. The sky was just about to fall on top of us when BOOM a Huge over slot snook smashes my Smoking Shad Exude!I had my drag cranked down because earlier we had been fishing docks and pilings. Forgetting to lessen my drag, ended up costing me a straightened hook! 30 seconds later Jimmy hooks up and gets snapped off. By the time we got rigged back up, Mother nature had other plans. Lightening and thunder was so insane we called it, and headed back in before we got ourselves in trouble. At least we were able to catch a few solid fish. Thank you Mother Nature:)

jimmy cook.jpg