Is it a good sign if your first cast, you catch a catfish!!!

     Corinda had never been kayaking and fishing at the same time. She already had great fishing skills and good kayaking skills but, never put the two together. We headed out on the water in the later part of the morning, due to the tides. As I was giving her the low down on how to retrieve the the jerkbait, she managed to catch a fish on her first cast! It was a catfish and I wasn't sure if that a good or a bad sign!lol! Needless to say she picked up the kayak fishing pretty fast! We paddled on to the first spot, and anchored up. No bites:( Moving along to the next spot Corinda asked me "Have you seen any manatees lately?" Not two seconds later she had one 5ft in front of her kayak. Next thing you know 4 more popped up!  They followed us for the next 20 minutes or so spooking all the fish around us. We decided to pull the yaks up on land and walk across to the beach side to check for snook and flounder. The gulf was like glass and the most beautiful blue/green I had ever seen. Reminded us both of how lucky we were to live here! Needless to say didn't see any fish, so took a quick dip into the water to cool off and headed back to the back waters. We had been on the water for almost two hours and no fish yet except ole catfish! It was time to get on some fish! Pulling up to our next spot, we tucked behind a spoil island to get out of the wind. Couple cast and we hooked into our first snook! Then, two more nice snook right behind that one! Finally we found fish. Continuing to work our way around the spoil island, we ended up missing a GATOR trout and landing one decent trout for Corinda's Dinner Plate!:) Then we decided to hit one more spot because afternoon showers were getting close.  Corinda takes a few cast and BOOM Fish ON! Another nice Snook to end the day. The day started out interesting but, ended up being another fun day in Sarasota Bay!