Snook Snook & more Snook!

 The snook are on a tear! Eating everything in their path, to fatten up for the spawn. When the tides are high, you can find them on ALL the mangrove lines cruising for their next meal! And when the tides push out look for them hanging out in sandy potholes looking for an easy snack! I have been catching 90% of them on soft plastics, like Exudes Smokin Shad RT Slug, Mangrove Red Dart, Golden bream Shrimp. Working them with different size jig heads and speeds depending on the dept of water. Average fish 20+ with the occasional 30+! Now that the season is closed again, I've started catching slot fish again!lol! Today I caught 9-10 and had a slot 31 inch snook hang himself in the mangroves! Ate my Smokin Shad RT Slug, started screaming drag,and headed strait for the mangroves! While thrashing around in the mangroves he jumped and hung himself in the trees! Paddled over, rammed my yak nose in the mangroves , climbed through the trees and netted him! Got it all on Go Pro! Another exciting day on the water! Thank Again Exude!