Perfect Weather and Big Fish!

      We launched out heading north because the wind was blowing from that way, and we wanted to ride it all the way back. As we got to our first spot, we started seeing groups of redfish ,of about 4-5. We began casting soft plastics and suspension baits at them. Next thing you know another charter captain decided to pass right where we were staged up at and spooked all of our fish. So we moved on.I started seeing lots of trout everywhere in about 4-6 ft of water. We threw soft plastics at them and started picking up small trout but, they were getting bigger each cast. Ended up catching a few nice slot trout and moved on for the hunt of redfish.  When we came up to where the reds hanging out I told Vick, to start casting in the sand holes. No more than five minutes he hooked into a monster redfish! After dragging his kayak around for what seemed for ever, he decided to get out of his yak to land the fish. Finally I got a net on him, and threw him on the measuring board. 30 inches! The biggest redfish Vick had ever caught.!:) There were a bunch more redfish but, they became very spooky after the big red dragged him all through them. We decide to head on to try and get Vick a snook to finish his slam. While on our way I seen some fish sitting in a hole that was in about a foot of water. I told Vick to cast and BOOM! He hooked a Huge trout well over 20 inches! Little bonus Trout, and also his biggest trout ever:) Paddling on we came up to the mouth of the creek and started casting but, no bites. We started trolling baits behind the yaks looking for a bit but, still no love! We ended up seeing a couple of snook but never got them to eat our baits. Still it was a wonderful day on good ol Sarasota Bay!