Bradenton on Fire!

      Started out the morning heading south do to the wind. On our way out Chris started catching trout after trout! I was right behind him catching nothing,until BOOM! Fish On! I wasn't sure what it was till it came up and gave me a nice head shake. Nice Snook! After a great fight, I got him to the yak and realized it was hooked pretty deep. The snooks mouth was so big I was able to put my hand down his mouth a gently remove the hook. Lucky for him it was about a month shy of snook season because he would have been coming home to mamma! Mine and my wife's favorite fish to eat! He was able to swim off to fight another day. We ventured off to the flat where I had seen lots of reds a couple of days before. Before we got there I seen a couple of redfish cruising so I threw my top water at them.They were all over slot fish so my heart was pounding! I seen one turn on it and was coming at it like a freight train! You wouldn't believe the wake it was pushing up behind the lure but, he wouldn't eat it! I cast one more time and after a couple of twitches he crushed it! It looked like a killer whale eating my bait! My drag was screaming out line! The fish had to be over 35 inches. I yelled over to Chris to get over here and cast. As he pulled up next to me the lure popped out of his mouth and almost hit me!lol! I take a look at my lure. Three hooks were straighten and one of the back hooks completely snapped off! Wow, my heart sank. Less that five minutes later Fish on, Fish on! Another over slot redfish but, this one was on a jerk bait. I backed the drag off so I wouldn't lose this one.Lol!  Finally after a grueling battle I landed him.Snapped a couple of pictures and did a cool underwater release with the go pro. After that we moved on to THE SPOT! We start seeing reds everywhere , in groups of two and three. And every once in while we saw schools of 15-30 reds but ,they were very spooky. We did manage to catch a couple of more redfish and trout which was a blast! Another great day on the water:)

snook palma.jpg
red palma.jpg