Rain Rain Go AWAY!

               As we launched out we could see huge rain clouds rolling in off the gulf. Looking on the radar, it looked like it was all heading north. Not even ten minutes after launching ,the rain began. We threw on our Frogtogs and paddled on. When the rain picked up I broke out the ol umbrella! Paddle in one hand and umbrella in the other !lol! When we arrived at the spot ,the rain had lifted but the fog was rolling in behind it. Oh well,the rain had stopped! Time to fish.  The water was dead calm and when I stood up redfish just scattered in every direction. My heart was pounding. I told Otis" drop your anchor"The redfish are everywhere! We started casting at them but they were very spooky. Every time we casted a jerk bait or a lure at them they would literally run from it. It was eating at us so we decided to move on and try to sneak up to them on the way back. Soon as we crossed over the sandbar we started picking up nice trout. Working the deeper ledge and potholes seemed to be the ticket for the ol trout. It was time to head back and sneak up to the redfish QUIETLY!lol! We took a few nice long blind cast and BOOM! Fish ON! As soon as my jerk bait hit the water a huge redfish smashed it. It was a very long cast, and had lots of line to recover. Line was peeling out drag and had to tighten it down before he spooled me. I kept saying to myself PLEASE DON'T BREAK!  I managed to turn his head and get some line back but it felt like my line or rod was about to snap at any second! I eased up on him a little bit and let him self wear down a bit before getting him next to the kayak. When I got him to the yak, I knew he was way over slot. So I got some more great footage with the Go-PRO and got a cool underwater release. After that we continued fishing and the bluefish rolled in! It was literally fish after fish until our arms couldn't take it anymore! We decided to head in after what turned out to be decent day on the water. Sometimes you just have to wait it out!:) 

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