Longbar in Sarasota!

    Started out the morning heading the opposite direction than I normally go do to diving birds.  Tide was low and the bird were going crazy after all the bait in the water. There had to be 15 different types of birds feeding in one spot! My favorite of them are the all white pelican ,that are only down for the winter. They come all the way down from Canada and are twice the size of our normal pelicans! Beautiful, almost prehistoric looking. Anyways, as we headed towards the bait we realized they were diving in a foot or two of water. We start throwing top water and immediately we pick up a beautiful slot size redfish. Tail was lit up so blue. After catching a few more fish we decided to head down long bar heading north. I thought if we headed that way we could hopefully get sheltered from the wind a bit. Its laid down a little bit so I throw out the ol top-water again and BOOM a snook crushes it!  Thinking he was a keeper ,I got him to the boat as fast as possible which wasn't easy. I could see the hooks barely in his mouth. I get the fish grips in his mouth. throw him on the board and he is a half an in shy of 28":( so I had to release him. Then we continued on our way picking up some decent trout. As we head back in we notice that the tide was so low that we were going to have to take the long route back. Even to skinny for kayaks! Oh well darn more fishing. Lol!  We ended up catching a couple of more nice snook and few smaller trout. Despite all the wind and obstacles we had a great day! Got some cool pics of birds and also got some good video footage of a manatee that wouldn't leave my kayak alone!:0 will try and post video soon!

mike redfish nov..jpg
mike and e snook.jpg
white pelicans.jpg