Vamo on fire!!!

     This morning headed out on the water a little late because of the cool weather. We started paddling out to the mangroves to see what was biting. First mangrove line we saw lots of mullet moving but, not one bite! We head to the next stretch and casted out the top water.It got crushed as soon as it hit the water. Snook on!:) We continued catching snook after snook with a couple of small trout in the mix. Now all we needed was a redfish to finish the slam. We paddled on to the next mangrove and on my way I see a 35-40 inch snook floating dead in the water. :(  As we pull up in between two islands, there are mullet everywhere! The water is super skinny, six inches to a foot. I take a long cast with the top water and boom a red fish crushes it! I struggled to get the go pro on and got a little slack in the line. I reel the slack in and put pressure back on the fish.Pop! The lure comes out and almost hits me in the face!  My next cast is into like six inches of water where I had seen redfish cruizing the mangrove line. Couple of twitches of the spook jr. and it gets SMASHED by a nice redfish! It was unbelievable watching the whole fish come out of the water and inhale my lure! The fight was on!  When I got him close to the boat I realized he had completely swallowed the whole lure. So, I decided to bring him home. Then we paddled over to turtle beach, got out to stretch out legs and take a few casts on the beach side for flounder with jigs. We ended up catching 6 flounder within 1/2 hour. Then we jumped back in our kayaks and made our journey back towards the launch. We picked up a few more nice sized snook on the way home. Great day! 24.jpg