Winter low tides have arrived!

 The winter low tides have Arrived!  The winter trout are starting to arrive also:)  Started  out the morning throwing top water. Caught a couple of med. size snook and a gator trout right off the bat!  The other guys caught a couple of nice size trout also. Then the dead tide hits and it takes the tide over an hour to start moving again. finally the tide starts moving and the fishing pick back up. I picked off a couple of jacks in the super shallow water looking for reds. After a bit we decide to make a move into the deeper water.   Soon after we began picking up trout after trout. We caught ,not even joking over 50 trout with in an hour!  The other guy managed to sqeek out a nice redfish at the end.We had our limit so we decided to head in and clean all our catch. Another great day on the water in Sarasota bay

warren limited troutski.jpg