Fishing on fire in Sarasota bay!

  The day started out good because one of my best friends and I were on the water ready to catch some fish! We headed out early in the morning with a beautiful sunrise in the distance.  We were blessed with great weather- wind was blowing hard the day before.  We headed down the intercoastal searching for some big snook.  Casting towards the mangrove lines we managed to catch a few monster jacks.  They put up big fights- my buddy's yak was spinning in circles- we had a good laugh about that one- got a great video of it as well.  I will post that video on my youtube channel (search eric henson casting kayaks on to see it) in a few days.  We paddled on and picked up a couple of huge 'doormat' flounders- kept a fat one for dinner. : )  As we came up to a grass flat we started picking up lots of trout- a couple over 20inches!  My friend (visiting from TN) really wanted to hook a redfish and the day was almost over.  I took him to a hole where redfish hang out- he casted and BOOM- redfish on!  Over 27inches- put up a great fight!  What a great way to end a wonderful day.  We didn't manage to catch any snook, but we caught a ton of fish and ended up with a great fish dinner! : )

stevo 2.jpg