Beautiful day in Buttonwood!

          We started out the day a little late due to the cold weather and the negative low tides. When I was scraping ice off my windows , I wasn't sure what the day had in store for us. Luckily, when Phil and Matt arrived it was warming up quiet nicely.  As we launched , the wind was very light out of the south. Decided to make a paddle south so that we could ride the wind all the way back. We headed up the beautiful creek, trolling Paddle tail jerk baits and mirro lures. the tide was very low making it hard to get out into the bay, so we continued paddling to the mouth of the creek. The water was very clear that day and we could see fish the entire way down.But no strikes! As we got to the mouth I looked down and saw three nice snook sitting right on top of each other. Phil casted out and hooked onto one almost immediately! As I paddle over to get some video of Phil's snook ,I hear Matt Yell out. I think I have a snook also! Perfect! A double header! After releasing Phil's I paddle over to check out Matt's snook and couldn't decide which fish was bigger.:) Both were nice fish! We paddled on to the next spot, on the hunt for redfish. Casting soft plastics into the pot holes,looking for reds. Matt has his line picked up and before he had time to set the hook the red came unglued. We decide to change things up a bit and throw some live shrimp into these pot holes. No love from the reds on the live shrimp, so we decided to start throwing soft plastics again. Boom! Phil's line starts screaming out line. I thought Immediately big redfish! As i get closer to get a better look, I see that is a huge blue fish! Phil fought it for a while and gave it the ol quick release.:) Nice fish to get the ol heart pumping!  Knowing that we were coming up to my trout spot, we decided to drift the flat. Drifting shrimp behind us and fan casting jerk baits seemed to be the ticket for the trout. Phil and Matt wanted to keep a few for dinner so we threw four on ice and headed in.We ended up with six hours of amazing weather.Another BEAUTIFUL day in Sarasota! 

phil and matt 3.jpg
phil and matt 2.jpg
phil and matt 1.jpg