Sarasota longbar

Today we got a late start on the water but, it was okay because the tides were dead  in the early morning. We started off catching trout on plastic jerk baits like the golden bream lil johns from mirror lure and smokin shads from exudes.Then I decided to start throwing the ol trusty rattletrap. First cast i caught a flounder on it! My whole life I've never heard of such a thing but,its true! lol! Didn't seem to get anymore bites on it so switched back to the plastics. Immediately started catching respectable sized trout with one small snook in the mix. Right before we started to head back I picked up a slot sized redfish which had a beautiful lit up blue tail. On our way back we continued to catch trout ,when in the distance we saw the water exploding! We paddled quickly and we both cast at the same time. Boom, double header of a couple of nice size jacks. Well most of the fish were 20'' and under, but we still had a great time catching all those fish on a beautiful day in Sarasota Bay.