Sarasota Marina Jacks Kayak Fishing

    The skies looked  beautiful as we put the kayaks in the water. We paddled for about five minutes when we noticed the wind picking up! Looked behind us and saw the only black cloud in the sky coming directly at us. Luckily, it was a small summertime rain shower.Rained for about five  minutes and blew right over us. As soon as the rain stopped ,Mike Woodman caught a nice size barracuda on a glow colored DOA shrimp. We continued to drift pass Selby Gardens out onto a beautiful grass flat loaded with white bait and schools of mullet. Immediately we started picking up healthy size trout. While we were drifting the deeper side of the flat I saw a huge wake pushing up in front of me. I picked up my pole with the golden bream lil john on it ,and casted as far as I could to get it in front of them. Boom, as soon as it touched the water it got smashed! Line started peeling out. I new it was a redfish with that bronze flash in the water. By the time I reeled him in, the sun was just meeting the horizon.  It was a beautiful redfish and a beautiful sunset. The best of both Sarasota's finest! We continued catching nice trout until dark.Another great adventure in Sarasota Bay.


red sept 13.jpg
trout mike.jpg