Vamo after the front!

    We headed out to the launch a little later than usual due to the cold weather. Hoping that the fishing would heat up as the water warmed up, we paddled out. The tide was extremely low so the the first holes we came up to were completely out of water. Close to where we launched, we worked a point were we picked up a little flounder.  We saw dolphins playing ,but didn't really see much going on for mullet or bait so we moved on. Pulling up to the next spot I notice the tide was picking up and started seeing mullet waking up which was a good sign. Not long after we anchored on our next point Richard hooked into a healthy snook. After putting up a good fight, we took a quick picture and released it. On our way to our next spot we saw a couple of manatees that were pretty cool. The tides were still very low so most of my normal spots were still dry with no water:( Heading into deeper water we ended up picking up a couple of trout and lady fish. Now we needed a red fish to finish the inshore grand-slam. So we headed on looking very hard but not really seeing many of them to throw at. While we were drifting and looking for fish we had a red tail hawk fly by us- seemed like a million mph! Sounded like a rocket flew right between us! CRAZY! Venturing on the hunt for reds, Richard managed to pick up another trout and a nice snook, but still no reds. Scouting hard for reds I saw one or two. The end of our trip was near and we had one more chance. We pulled up to a sandy area where reds hang out to warm up. Richard was now working his jerk bait really slowly to try and get a strike. All of the sudden fish on! We both looked at it and said "redfish!" at the same time. As soon as we said it, the fish came unbuttoned right near the kayak. Unfortunately the was our last chance valiant effort. Although no redfish this day was still a beautiful day with lots of beautiful wildlife!

richard snook2.jpg