Back water fishing In Ruskin!

      It was a very chilly and windy morning so we decided to hit the back waters. We started to paddle up the creek which unfortunately the current was going against us. Already three strikes but we weren't giving up that easy. As we paddled on we started seeing small groups of redfish in almost every little cut but they were very spooky from all the boat traffic so we continued on. The further we got up the creek the less the traffic. It was so skinny in some places, we were almost getting stuck!lol!  Finally we arrived to our destination. It opened up to what almost looked like a beautiful lake. The wind was still blowing pretty good so we decided to paddle across the lake and drift back. While we were paddling across ,we started seeing reds everywhere! Not even joking ,75-100 redfish. We get across the lake very anxiously to get a bait in the water. We started out throwing Mirrolures which we weren't having much luck with. Had one little trout come unglued at the yak. Soon as we started throwing soft plastics Otis hoked into a nice snook 25+ inches. Literally next cast he hooks into a monster trout! 24 inches and was a big as round as a football. Soon as we started talking about all the red we had seen and hadn't caught one. I get smashed by a little red that might have been the prettiest red Id ever seen. The spots went all the way though the tail. Not soon after Otis hooks into a nice red which it had hail of his tail missing. We ended up catching a few more reds with a few nice size jacks in between. We had plenty enough fish so we paddled back in. Despite all the obstacles in the begging it turned out to be a great day!

red tail 2.png
otis red.png