The Red Fish RUUUUUNNNN!!!!

  The last couple of days, there have been insane numbers of red fish!!! This is the time of year where they group up in large numbers to get ready to spawn, eating just about anything that is in their path! I cant even explain how sick it is watching these red fish exploding your top water! The explosions are so big that it literally looks like killer whales chasing the lure across the water. I had to swap out my top water baits to the Yo-Zuri Shashimi 3DB with thick circle hooks because, we had two separate Heddon spooks have all six hooks completely broke off! Every single fish was over slot but, It still sure was fun!  Yo-Zuri coming through as usual!:) We both lost red fish in the 40+ inch class due to hook failure! I have some great video footage that I will be posting soon... Don't worry clients my new kayaks are almost here:) Should have you guys on the water by next week:)

Snook still on the beaches!

Headed out a little later than usual, due to the tides. We had a nice east wind so, I decided to paddle straight to the beach before the wind decided to switch. As soon as I came over the hump of the beach I saw my first line sider (snook) of the day. I threw a fly right in front of its face and it immediately turned on but, missed!  Spooking him, I headed down the beach where there were tons of snook... Mostly small ones but , a few pigs in the mix. After catching a few fish I new the tide was coming in fast and would hopefully have a good shot at Mr. Red Fish! I shot back over to the bay side to look for the schooling reds. Finally I get anchored up on this point where they normally come through. Just as I get all set up, here they come! Unfortunately they were just out of reach for the fly but, I manage to throw a jerk bait at them. Boom Fish On! There were red fish all around me when I realized I had a huge Jack instead of one of the many red fish around me! lol! By the time I was able to land this Jack the school of red fish had moved on. Oh well... It was't the fish I was looking for but, still an amazing fight!:) Wind was really starting to pick up so I decided to take off. Till next time FISH ON! FISH ON!

Early Bird gets the Worm!

       We headed out on the water about an hour before the sun came up. Paddling to our first spot was pretty interesting! lol! Due to the new moon it was pitch dark and the tide was extremely high. Basically paddled till we hit the spoil island. Then we sat quietly to listen to the water. Once we heard mullet moving and loud slurps of bait getting romped on, I new we were in a good spot!:) Not soon after I hear hooting and hollering... then I see Jimmy's head lamp come on. Huge red fish!!! My heart was pounding form all the excitement but, now I was ready for a bite!  The sun was just starting to reach the horizon, when all of the sudden my new Paul Brown lure gets crushed! Line was screaming off the reel as I watched the sunrise. Doesn't get much better than that! Finally as the fish got close to the yak, I saw that beautiful bronze body light up from the sun. Smiling from ear to ear I pick him up for a quick picture. As I go to release him, I realized that he hit the lure so hard it bent it in half! lol! Man! Well after that we posted up side by side, on the corner of this spoil island and caught so many red fish that we lost count! Boats were pulling up trying to get as close as they could to catch one but, we were the only ones catching fish!!!lol! Crazy! Some days are just like that!:) Another great day on the water!!!

BIG Trout in Sarasota Bay!!!

              Head out On the hunt for big trout! February is always my favorite month for BIGGGG TROUT! You will find big trout in all your normal trout spots this month. I have a few spots, where I always get them in February. Most of my big trout I catch are on jerk baits with a 1/16oz jig head. You can find them schooled up in big wholes or edges of channels. Most of my big trout, I've been sight casting them in potholes in 2ft depth. The majority of these fish are 20 inches and larger!:) The biggest one I've caught so far this month is about 28 inches but, I know there are some bigger mamas out there!:) Till next time, Fish On, Fish On!

trout palma 1.jpg

Beautiful day in Buttonwood!

          We started out the day a little late due to the cold weather and the negative low tides. When I was scraping ice off my windows , I wasn't sure what the day had in store for us. Luckily, when Phil and Matt arrived it was warming up quiet nicely.  As we launched , the wind was very light out of the south. Decided to make a paddle south so that we could ride the wind all the way back. We headed up the beautiful creek, trolling Paddle tail jerk baits and mirro lures. the tide was very low making it hard to get out into the bay, so we continued paddling to the mouth of the creek. The water was very clear that day and we could see fish the entire way down.But no strikes! As we got to the mouth I looked down and saw three nice snook sitting right on top of each other. Phil casted out and hooked onto one almost immediately! As I paddle over to get some video of Phil's snook ,I hear Matt Yell out. I think I have a snook also! Perfect! A double header! After releasing Phil's I paddle over to check out Matt's snook and couldn't decide which fish was bigger.:) Both were nice fish! We paddled on to the next spot, on the hunt for redfish. Casting soft plastics into the pot holes,looking for reds. Matt has his line picked up and before he had time to set the hook the red came unglued. We decide to change things up a bit and throw some live shrimp into these pot holes. No love from the reds on the live shrimp, so we decided to start throwing soft plastics again. Boom! Phil's line starts screaming out line. I thought Immediately big redfish! As i get closer to get a better look, I see that is a huge blue fish! Phil fought it for a while and gave it the ol quick release.:) Nice fish to get the ol heart pumping!  Knowing that we were coming up to my trout spot, we decided to drift the flat. Drifting shrimp behind us and fan casting jerk baits seemed to be the ticket for the trout. Phil and Matt wanted to keep a few for dinner so we threw four on ice and headed in.We ended up with six hours of amazing weather.Another BEAUTIFUL day in Sarasota! 

phil and matt 3.jpg
phil and matt 2.jpg
phil and matt 1.jpg

Vamo after the front!

    We headed out to the launch a little later than usual due to the cold weather. Hoping that the fishing would heat up as the water warmed up, we paddled out. The tide was extremely low so the the first holes we came up to were completely out of water. Close to where we launched, we worked a point were we picked up a little flounder.  We saw dolphins playing ,but didn't really see much going on for mullet or bait so we moved on. Pulling up to the next spot I notice the tide was picking up and started seeing mullet waking up which was a good sign. Not long after we anchored on our next point Richard hooked into a healthy snook. After putting up a good fight, we took a quick picture and released it. On our way to our next spot we saw a couple of manatees that were pretty cool. The tides were still very low so most of my normal spots were still dry with no water:( Heading into deeper water we ended up picking up a couple of trout and lady fish. Now we needed a red fish to finish the inshore grand-slam. So we headed on looking very hard but not really seeing many of them to throw at. While we were drifting and looking for fish we had a red tail hawk fly by us- seemed like a million mph! Sounded like a rocket flew right between us! CRAZY! Venturing on the hunt for reds, Richard managed to pick up another trout and a nice snook, but still no reds. Scouting hard for reds I saw one or two. The end of our trip was near and we had one more chance. We pulled up to a sandy area where reds hang out to warm up. Richard was now working his jerk bait really slowly to try and get a strike. All of the sudden fish on! We both looked at it and said "redfish!" at the same time. As soon as we said it, the fish came unbuttoned right near the kayak. Unfortunately the was our last chance valiant effort. Although no redfish this day was still a beautiful day with lots of beautiful wildlife!

richard snook2.jpg

Vamo on fire!!!

     This morning headed out on the water a little late because of the cool weather. We started paddling out to the mangroves to see what was biting. First mangrove line we saw lots of mullet moving but, not one bite! We head to the next stretch and casted out the top water.It got crushed as soon as it hit the water. Snook on!:) We continued catching snook after snook with a couple of small trout in the mix. Now all we needed was a redfish to finish the slam. We paddled on to the next mangrove and on my way I see a 35-40 inch snook floating dead in the water. :(  As we pull up in between two islands, there are mullet everywhere! The water is super skinny, six inches to a foot. I take a long cast with the top water and boom a red fish crushes it! I struggled to get the go pro on and got a little slack in the line. I reel the slack in and put pressure back on the fish.Pop! The lure comes out and almost hits me in the face!  My next cast is into like six inches of water where I had seen redfish cruizing the mangrove line. Couple of twitches of the spook jr. and it gets SMASHED by a nice redfish! It was unbelievable watching the whole fish come out of the water and inhale my lure! The fight was on!  When I got him close to the boat I realized he had completely swallowed the whole lure. So, I decided to bring him home. Then we paddled over to turtle beach, got out to stretch out legs and take a few casts on the beach side for flounder with jigs. We ended up catching 6 flounder within 1/2 hour. Then we jumped back in our kayaks and made our journey back towards the launch. We picked up a few more nice sized snook on the way home. Great day! 24.jpg