Over slot Red fish in 6 inches of water, in the Predator 13

 Decided to head out on he water with good friend Capt. Pat Horrigan. We took out Old Town's Predator 13 and Ocean Kayak's Prowler Big Game 2. Both amazing boats!  Launching right from his back yard was a huge plus. All we had to do was paddle out this little creek and we were on this beautiful flat. The reason why we were heading out was to do some filming for sponsors. We were trying out Yo-Zuri's new 3DB top-water and the Yakgear Luminal LED spot light. As soon as we came around the corner, the water looked very alive. I saw what looked like a school of mullet, but when I stood up it was hundreds of red fish! Heart pounding I immediately cast out the 3DB, but no love. They were a little bit spooky because we were in six inches of water, so we had to let them calm down a bit. We didn't have much time because the sun was going down and we had thunder storms all around us. lol!  After throwing the 3DB for a while and having fish follow it up but not committing my confidence was dwindling. Soon as I almost gave up, BOOM!!! Fish ON! I knew it was a nice fish. It blows me away how hard a red fish can pull in only six inches of water! Finally the wore the fish down but, the sun had set and it was completely dark. The red fish was well over slot. Thank goodness for the Yakgear Luminal LED light because with it, I was able see everything I was doing and safely release the fish. As we made our way back, we couldn't believe the amount of light the Luminal LED light put off... We could see red fish everywhere scurrying around by the grass line. What a beautiful night of product testing.