Redfish North & South!

   The redfish are everywhere! From North Sarasota Bay to South Sarasota Bay!  Look for them in groups. Once you find them anchor up and don't move. They are feeding extremely hard on the fast moving tides.Have been picking most of them up on soft plastics but they have been tearing after the ol top water also in the middle of their frenzy! 

     It had been a while since Rebecca had been catching any good fish. She was getting bites but not getting the fish hooked. I had her cast out and just practice setting the hook without a fish on, just to get the feel of a proper hook set. Within minutes she set the hook into nice upper slot redfish! The fight was on! I coached her to keep the tip up and not to reel against the drag. She listened well and after a great fight, she had a beautiful redfish kayak side with a smile ear to ear:)  We continued catch redfish after redfish till we lost count. Also landed almost a 19 inch Flounder in the mix. Another great day in Sarasota bay!!!