IFA (Inshore Fishing Assosiation) Kayak Tournament

It was a great weekend despite all those big boats in my favorite fishing spots (there was a big boat fishing tournament in Sarasota this weekend also).  Since Sarasota was crowded, I decided to enter the IFA kayak fishing tournament in Ruskin, FL.  Went up on Saturday to do some scouting and had a great day of fishing- caught a nice redfish, an 18 inch pompano, lots of trout, snook, jacks, & dang blue-fish (kept cutting our lines)!  Despite all of the boat traffic I decided to fish Sarasota instead of Ruskin with plans to go up to Ruskin for the weigh-in.  Started out in south Sarasota- boats all over my spot, but was able to get one nice snook and a few nice sized trout.  Then I paddled back in, hopped in the truck and headed to LongBar.  I was excited because the first fish I caught was a small red, but unfortunately that was the only one!  : (  Despite that, and lots of wind, managed to have a great day catching tons of trout, 17 inch flounder, and a few other species.  No win for me today, but I was happy to participate in the IFA's tournament anyway!  Thanks for checking in!

655 checkin.jpg
IFA red.jpg
18'' pompano.jpg