Sarasota Kayak Fishing Report

Today started out a another beautiful day in Sarasota, Florida! Paddled out into the calm bay on the hunt for schooling redfish. On  my way I came across huge school of whitebait and mullet all mix up together. First cast into it, I caught a slot redfish which pulled me away from the schools. So, I paddled back up to them and immediately hooked into a snook! I then continued to pick a couple of more snook and trout off the school. While I was following them, I saw bigger schools in the distance, so I decided to make a dash for them. I was heading that way and I heard a rumble in the sky. : (  The weather report called for no rain till later in the day, but, as I looked to the west and to the north I could see two storms merging together. I couldn't resist the frenzy in the water ahead, so I kept paddling towards the school which happened to be the same direction as the storm.,, Lol! I reached the fish, took a cast and something huge hit my jerk bait immediately! Pop! Line snaps! I start to retie and I hear another boom, and I could now see rain in the distance. I'm now rigged and read to go. I take a couple of more casts, and catch a monster snook! After a big fight and the snook pulling my kayak around for what seemed like forever, I snapped a quick photo, and decided to make a run for it before it got nasty out there. As I was pulling in, two women looked like they were in trouble. The wind was so strong  it had one of them stuck in the mangrove and the other trying to help. Almost watching them tip I hurried over and helped them in. We all were wet from the rain but safe. : ) My day was cut short from the rain but that's Florida in the summertime... and it was a great morning!

casting kayaks.jpg