Going back to Ruskin,Fl :)

  Headed out this morning and the moon was bright like the sun.  It was so beautiful watching the moon setting in the west and the sun rising in the east.  Launched out the normal spot. The three of us started out throwing top water. Fish were following us up on every throw. The tide was kind of slow but, the jacks didn't care!lol!  After our arms were done burning from all the jacks we paddled on. We came up to a super shallow flat with deep pot holes. Bait and mullet were everywhere.  We started throwing top water again and this time it was reds,trout and snook following us up. We all caught a few few fish each and decided to move.. As we cut across the channel I casted out a brand new mirro dine into a pod of white bait. Boom a huge snook crushes it!  I turn on the Go Pro and before I knew it was behind my kayak. It ends up getting tangled in one of my poles in the pole holder. So I grab the line and start pulling it in by hand!lol! I get it next to the boat and as I was pulling it up to show it off. POP the line snaps. It sat there for a second but as soon as I tried grabbing the fish it took off with my brand new lure.:(  Then we saw huge schools of mullet everywhere. We followed the mullet pretty much the rest of the day catching Reds,Snook,Trout,and Jacks. The Reds were eating top water late into the day which was nice!  The three of us almost all got triple slams (Red,Snook,Trout) Another Great day on the water!