Tearn' it up in S. Sarasota

  Headed out of the Vamo launch to see what was going on? The morning started out slow! Catching only one jack on top water in the first hour I was out there.  As soon as the tide picked up though the fishing picked up. While I was paddling to my first spot i see the water erupting about a half mile down. I new it was probably a school of reds but, I had to make a though decision. I decided to stay put and hit mt favorite spot and boy glad I did! The first cast i took as I came up to my spot I hooked into a big ole snook. Pulled me around like a rag doll. I finally landed it and anchored up. Bait was busting o top of the water so I decided to throw the ole skitter-walk. Boom! It gets crushed by another snook. After that I threw the lil john in the mix and boom a beautiful redfish! My day was getting better fast. Lol! I ended up jumping a couple of more snook and moved on to the next spot. I continued catching snook allllllll day and even caught a nice blackdrum of all things. I saw many more reds but they didn't want anything I had for them. lol! Also got into a couple of schools of big jacks that burned the ole forearms up.  I was done before 11:30 and caught over 15 snook!  Thank you Sarasota for another beautiful day!:)