Tournament Season!

   The Summer is heating up, as tournament season comes into full swing! I have been gone almost every weekend this month for tournaments. Landing a couple top 10 places, I have to thank Mister Twisters soft plastics EXUDE and Mirro lures hard plastic baits! Couldn't do it with out them! The last month has produced some really nice fish. Tons of snook, redfish , and trout! I even had an encounter with a few black tip sharks one tournament. I was fishing close to the sky way bridge ,when I rolled up to this sandbar. I immediately stood up to see if there were any fish laying on it. Looking to my left, I see five 3-4 ft Black tips circling a stingray. Hearing of people catching Black tips sharks on top water lures, it had always been on my bucket list to catch a shark on top water. Picking up the only rod I had top water tied on, I made the cast. Twitched it twice and one of the sharks turned on it. Twitched it again and he hammered the the bait! FISH ON!!! It was peeling off drag on my little 4000 Sustain. It went air born twice before finally wearing down. Amazing fight! Now I had him and had to decide how to unhook the shark safely. I managed to place its head into the net. Using the metal bar on the net as shield to keep its head from swing up an biting me, I was able to remove it carefully. I manage to snap one picture and before the second pic he trashed, slipping out of my hands landing back into the water. What an amazing experience!:)  Here are a few of pics and till next time FISH ON! FISH ON!