Summer Days!

       The night before I checked the weather and it said rain ,rain, rain! I told Gabe and Elizabeth that we would just go for it! I figure I would check the weather radar in the morning and make the call then. I woke up, checked the weather and it looked good:) Deciding to take them north because of the boat races in Sarasota, turned out to be a good call. Not near as much boat traffic on the water! We paddled out about 7am. on the hunt for redfish where we had caught large numbers the day before. Both Gabe and Elizabeth had never kayaked and fish at the same time. They picked up on it really fast. As soon as we anchored up, Elizabeth had a little shark chasing her bait all the way back to her kayak. It soon stole her bait and headed off!lol! Not much time later Gabe caught a nice redfish with two spots on its tail. They ended up catching a couple of trout and lady fish before we decided to head to the next spot.. Leaving the spoil islands to head over to cove, I notice lots of mullet and ballyhoo getting romped on everywhere. After working the area thoroughly we ended up picking up a nice 24'' redfish on MirroLures lil johns soft plastic. Paddling towards the launch area, we seen someone wadding pick up a nice fish. Helping us decide to keep trying for more fish:) When we got to the next little cove, we spread to cover more ground. As soon as Gabe hooks up on a ladyfish, Elizabeth yells over fish on! I paddle over to see what she had and it was a nice redfish hanging from her line. We had thunderstorms in the distance all day but, now they were closing in all around us!  Making a dash for the launch, Gabe and Elizabeth started to race! Not sure who won but, they both beat me:) Taking clients out like them, make my job very pleasurable! They listened well, very respectful, extremely nice, and we just had a great day on the water. Thanks again for another beautiful day on the water:)

Redfish Gone Wild!

    We started out the morning with just a little bit of time. Don want to sneak one last fishing trip in before his long drive back up north. The light wind was at our back so we slowly drifted on the look for reds. Don got a few nice hits from trout but nothing was sticking. Finally we came across a huge school of redfish! They were literally all around us. Don cast right in the middle of them and gets smashed  but It came unglued. The reds were pushing up wakes in like six inches of water, so Don takes another shot at them in the shallows. BOOM! FISH ON! Line starts ripping out. There goes Don on a redfish sleigh ride!lol! After finally wearing him down we get measurements. 30 inches and a fat one at that! Dons biggest fish ever. We were able to pick a couple of more off the school before Don had to head back to shore, for his return ride home. Nothing like a huge redfish to think about on your ride home:) I couldn't stand to leave knowing that those redfish were still sitting over there. So I paddled back over there and posted up. They were very spooky, so I lathered up the ol jerk bait with a little Pro Cure. Redfish cant resist it! Fish on! Fish on! More over slot reds:) Another great day on the flats!

Don red 1.jpg
Eric red.jpg